Copyright 2013-2014. Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt. All rights reserved.

JCAndroid has been open sourced for general non-commercial purposes (including research, academic, evaluation and personal use) under the BSD 3-Clause Licence (changes to the original JCardSim implementation). By downloading or using this software, (1) you accept the terms and conditions of the aforementioned open source licenses and (2) acknowledge that commercial use could require a commercial license. For a commercial license, please contact us at contact[at]


We developed and tested JCAndroid using the following development environment:

  • git
  • Android SDK, API Level 19 including AppCompat v7 libraries
  • Eclipse ADT, JCDE
  • Oracle JCDK 2.2.2

Getting the Sourcecode

To get access to the JCAndroid sourcecode, please send the following information to: contact[at] :

Your Name
Your Affiliation
Your SSH Public Key
Intended Use: non-commercial, commercial or academic

Please note that we will publish your affiliation (e.g., your university or company) on our website once we fulfill your request. If you do not want this information to appear on our website please tell us in your request email.

We will notify you as soon as we have fulfilled your request.

Configure your ssh client. For instance:

$ cat .ssh/config
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/<your private key file>

Verify that you can connect to via ssh.

$ ssh info

The public key fingerprint should be :

7a:ca:cc:68:8b:7d:cf:ad:c8:79:c1:b9:f4:18:33:66 (ECDSA) or

7e:9c:2e:78:0e:95:77:41:80:f0:cb:dd:59:ea:b0:88 (DSA) or

06:84:40:d2:3d:73:e6:ef:b8:0a:e4:82:b8:da:14:d9 (RSA) or

25:fb:c4:87:ab:7b:cf:b5:84:46:4b:29:5f:ff:b9:8d (ED25519)

Building JCAndroid

To build JCAndroid clone our repository:

$ git clone git+ssh:// 
  1. Import all the projects (AppletSample, Emulator Demo, JavaCard Emulator, SmartCardIO Support) into Eclipse. Make sure the AppCompat v7 libraries is correctly installed (see here) and referenced in the Emulator Demo project.

  2. Build all projects and start the Emulator Demo project.